Peterson’s, “College Cost Breakdowns: 10 Public Schools vs. 10 Private Schools,” published 21 February 2019

Joyce is proud to be giving her advice on affording college for students and their families.

Peterson’s, Deadline Management: How to Stay on Top of Your College Assignments,” published 25 April 2019

Joyce is grateful to be featured in this article providing advice and tips on time management and managing deadlines for students along with Jessie Pilewski, Career Coach at Earlham College.

Awesome Women Entrepreneurs Podcast, Episode 51: Joyce Draper // Draper College Consulting, released 10 July 2018

“Joyce Draper, owner and founder of Draper College Consulting helps students and parents find colleges that provide academic, social, and financial fit in which the student can grow and flourish. No matter where you or your child are in their college search you can benefit from her insights.”

Arlington Magazine, “Getting ready to apply? Don't stress. Here's what's important in today's competitive landscape. And what's not,” published 18 September 2017

Joyce was quoted in this article for Arlington Magazine providing advice on the college applications and admissions processes.

Alexandria Stylebook: Street Style: Joyce Draper, published 3 June 2016

“Friend to many and loved by all, Joyce Draper is the owner and founder of Draper College Consulting, where her advice is instrumental in helping students and parents navigate the college process to provide the right academic, social, and financial fit in which the student can grow and flourish. In her down time, you can find Joyce in the pursuit of many outdoor activities. She enjoys tennis, long bike rides, and yes…even camping! She is a wife and also the proud mother of two daughters.”