Our individualized college consulting services cater to the needs of each student and their family. We offer a range of plans, from creating college lists to a complete comprehensive package. Some families need guidance as early as 9th grade, but typically we begin the process in 10th or 11th grade. Whether your needs are short term or long term we are available to assist you with course selection and grades, extracurricular activities, summer plans, resume assistance, financial aid, and standardized testing.

The college admission process is one of the most stressful times for students and their families. At Draper College Consulting we understand the complexities of the process and are there to help you navigate it. Utilizing an independent college counselor will help alleviate stress by working with your family to figure out your wants and needs, outlining a plan of action for you to follow.

We are experienced and prepared to assist you with all aspects of the college search, application and admission process, including finding colleges uniquely suited to your needs and interests, application review, essay editing, interview techniques, as well as gap year options for students that may benefit from an extra year before they attend college.